Sunday, October 2, 2011

Facts Most People Have In Common

Right now with the economy the way it is, most people have 5 Facts in common.

1. Most People Are Financially Challenged! There are so many families that are struggling financially and are barely making it. I'm certain that you know of a friend, family, neighbor, co-worker, or perhaps yourself that's in this situation. And you are not alone. Millions of people not just in the U.S. but around the world that are financially challenged. Are YOU financially challenged?

2. Most People Do Not Have A Secure Future! My mom worked for a company for over 30 years. She was recently laid off... with no retirement, no pension, no severance pay, not even medical or dental. How sad is that, to be at the age of 75 where you are supposed to be retired and enjoying the remainder of your life and your future suddenly collapsed. So sad that being in the wealthiest country in the world and we have too many citizens in the same situation as my mom or worse and not getting any better. We all know that the government is broke, states are broke, companies are broke or going broke. So how secure is your future?

3. Most People Do Not Like Their Job! According to the 2010 Macro Economic Report 80% of employees do not like their jobs. How unfortunate to have to get up every morning just to go to work and do something you don't like to do. Yet 80% of you are doing it right now, trading time for money. How about you? Do you like what you are currently doing? If not then you should consider doing something about it.

4. Most People Do Not Have A Plan B! With the uncertainty and unpredictable economy we are currently in, it is so critical to have a plan be. Majority of people don't even think about having a plan B until their plan A is gone. This is why most people lose everything. Once your only source of income is no longer available and you do not have a backup plan, then you are doomed for troubles. Creditors don't care whether you have a job or not, they still want to get paid. So what is your Plan B? or do you even have one?

5. Most People Do Not Have Residual Income! As a matter of fact most do not even know what Residual Income is. If you are currently employed then you have we is called Linear Income. Basically you get paid when you work. But what happens when you stop working? Whether by choice or not? Obviously you do not get paid!

Residual income gives you the ability to do something one time and get paid on that effort over and over again. In most cases Residual Income pays you for the rest of your life and even better cases Residual Income can be passed on for generation after generation. For instance, Elvis Presley have been gone for over 30 years, yet his family and estate earns over $50 million every year! How sweet is that. Another example is your electricity bill and cell phone bill. Let me ask you, will you ever pay off your cell phone bill or electric bill? Of course not! This is a form of Residual Income for the Energy company and the giant cell phone companies.

So have you ever thought about creating and building Residual Income? Would you like to learn how to solve these 5 Facts most people have in common?

Understand that no matter what the economy is doing, there's always someone else making money!!! You just have to know who and how you can participate.

There are many ways you can create Residual Income and at the same time Leveraging and creating Tax Advantages. In today's economic crisis and information age, most companies from technology, health, and anti-aging are learning to take advantage of the oldest marketing strategy, word-of-mouth. It is and always will be the best and most effective way of advertising a product, a service, or an event. So many companies are utilizing this ever growing trend. And by being a part of this trend and representing a company that uses word-of-mouth advertising you get compensated, and in case you haven't noticed, you already do this now and have been doing it all your life. The best part is you get paid based on the efforts you put into it. There is no limit and there is no ceiling. You determine your income. You work a lot and work hard you could make a lot of money. You work less you make less, and of course if you don't work, you don't get paid! It is that simple.

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