Saturday, November 26, 2011

Teaching British Abroad

Do you like to save or do you like to spend money?

The standard of living you can attain in the country you plan to teach in and the value of that currency is relative to the question of...

Do you like to save or do you like to spend money?

If you usually spend all of your income, you may spend even more if your income is doubled. You may want to travel, eat at fancy restaurants and enjoy your teaching English abroad experience fully or if you can live on a tight budget and save, you will do that anywhere you live.

How do you know if you're being offered a good income or not?

Your standard of living teaching English abroad in comparison to the rest of the population in a country is a major factor. Check into other jobs on the internet to see what is being offered in that particular country, be sure to talk to people who've taught in that country before. That will help you to establish if you've been offered a fair salary to teach in that country.

Can you afford to work there?

That question can be tricky. If you're being paid 4500RMB ($650 US) per month to teach English abroad in China, it may scare you at first because well...let's face it, the cost of living in the US can get expensive, however in China, you can rent a furnished apartment for 230 RMB and feed yourself for under 150RMB a month. You will have money to "play" with an you will be able to explore China and enjoy a good local standard of living. If you have financial responsibilities back at home, you may have trouble exploring China to the fullest.

How can I make money teaching in an English-speaking country?

It's not easy to make a good living in an English-speaking country these days. Most of the jobs are temporary and very casual. TEFL teachers are usually paid a small hourly rate and teachers move between jobs and may be working 2 or 3 jobs at a time. Student numbers vary and TEFL instructors are sometimes asked to move on.

Locking in a full-time position brings in a regular income and permanent position can be difficult to obtain as many teachers are in search of these types of jobs.

Can You Make Money Teaching English Abroad?

You won't become rich teaching English abroad, but you can make a pretty good living and you will have a chance to see the world. You will make friends from all parts of the world and that can be a huge plus when looking for accommodations for a few days. Teaching English abroad isn't done necessarily for the money but you just may find it to be a rewarding career!

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