Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Excitement Awaits the Future of Mountain Biking

Perhaps you are an avid mountain biker, and perhaps you have sought out every potential trail to ride on near where you live. Maybe you live in an urban jungle, and you enjoy riding your mountain bike in and out of traffic, over curbs, and obstacles, then on the weekends find a quick getaway out in the mountains. What if I told you that someday people will be mountain biking on the Moon and on the surface of Mars? It's true, and you know humans will do that, because when there is a will, they will always find a way to play. Indeed I'd like to discuss this for a moment with you.

You see, there's not much holding mankind back from mountain biking on the moon. They will be able to go further and faster due to the low gravity, and the terrain will be challenging, and thus exhilarating. They will be able to do better tricks, and have more fun jumping. When they jump off various pieces of terrain and rocks, they will be able to travel 4 to 5 times as far as they would on Earth. It will almost be as if they are flying. Of course these mountain bikers are also going to be riding in a very hostile environment, for humans that is.

There will be no oxygen so they will have to wear special oxygen systems and breathing apparatuses. And these systems must be very robust, and foolproof with a backup system. If things go really wrong, they will need to use the bicycle inner tube as a source of air to breathe to get back to the colony habitat. This would be very serious stuff, and somewhat dangerous if something goes wrong. Now that is not to say that it is so dangerous that humans won't try, and sometimes danger enhances the risk reward adrenaline rush of such activities.

Would you mountain bike on the moon if you could? If you are chosen to be a space colonist living on Mars or the Moon would you volunteer to be the first human to try it? I know I would, but what about you? Mountain bikes might become a very good transportation device to get between habitats for space colonists because it is a good form of transportation, and in a lower gravity environments, you get more bang for your buck, in other words you spend a lot less energy for traveling much greater distances.

If you could ride your mountain bike on Earth three times as fast using one third the energy, I bet you'd ride your bike everywhere. Maybe that is the answer to transportation in the tunnels between habitats for large space colonies. Maybe everyone will just ride bikes. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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