Saturday, January 7, 2012

Romantic Relationship While In Graduate School

f you're planning on going to graduate school, one of your major concerns might be your relationship with a significant other. After all, attending graduate school often means that your relationship will be inconvenienced in many ways. Learning some of the problems students in romantic relationships often face during graduate school can help you take steps to preserve your own relationship. After all, if your romantic relationship is truly meant to be, you and your significant other should be able to make things work in spite of grad school.

One of the major problems that romantic relationships must endure when one or both parties are in graduate school is distance. Unlike four-year college programs, graduate degree programs in your chosen area of study may be spaced out across the country. It's quite possible that the program you hope to attend is far from home. Unfortunately, many relationships cannot withstand long-term separation. If your education is your top priority to make a better life for yourself, however, you are left with no option but to pursue grad school in another state.

How can you handle distance in a relationship? Staying in touch with loved ones is easier now than ever, due to technology such as Skype. During breaks and holidays, you may even be able to travel to visit your significant other. Trust and patience is key to making a long-distance relationship possible. Distance and separation is the true test of a relationship, and in some cases, it doesn't work out. You should be open to giving this a try, however, rather than sacrificing your graduate education for your relationship.

Another problem many students encounter during grad school is the demand on their time. As a graduate student, you will be pulled in many directions. In addition to your demanding coursework, you may have duties related to a teaching assistantship or other paid position at your graduate school. You may also be conducting a great deal of research independently, working day and night. It can be difficult to give a relationship the time and consideration that it deserves when you are pressed for time.

Making time for a relationship is up to you. Your significant other should understand the temporary demands that your education is placing on you. Similarly, you should be sensitive to the fact that it can be hard for your loved one to be satisfied in a relationship where he or she comes second to your schoolwork.

Finally, many students in grad school find that they change a lot during this time in their lives. Many find that they become less interested in a current boyfriend or girlfriend during their graduate studies. You will be learning and growing as an individual, meeting others in your graduate program who have a lot in common with you, and reevaluating what you are looking for in a potential partner.

It is important to accept that we all undergo changes. Don't look at this as a negative thing, but rather as a chance to find happiness. You should be honest at all times with your current partner if you find that you are losing your commitment to the relationship.


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