Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Identifying The Weak Spots of a Human Body

Everyone has their own pressure points in the body which are used for healing and self-defense. In traditional medicine, these pressure points are used to heal certain illnesses and diseases in the body. In martial arts, on the other hand, these are used to get an edge over enemies for survival. Most often, they target these pressure points during their encounter to end the fight and win. If you want to survive and conquer your enemies, it is a must that you have knowledge on these specific pressure points because you can use them to immobilize your enemies.

In self-defense, you need to gain opportunity to overcome or incapacitate your opponent to escape and ask immediate assistance from police authorities or from anyone in the vicinity. Apart from bringing portable self-defense tools and using improvised weapons, you can hit your opponent on these pressure points to defend yourself and to immobilize him. The best way to achieve this is by focusing on is pressure points and use it to your advantage. Attacking these are brutal which can result to injury, trauma and death.

Critical pressure points of the human body include:

o Head - The skull or top of the head is the weakest area of the head which can lead to trauma and injury in the cranial cavity. It can also result to hemorrhage and unconsciousness.

o Temple - This is the part of our skull where the artery and the large nerves are located. When this part is attacked, it can lead to concussion.

o Eyes - It is one important part of a human body and slight poke on the eyes can lead to blurry vision and uncontrollable watering. When extensive force is imposed or foreign objects are placed on the eyes, it can result to permanent blindness and death.

o Nose - One hard blow on the nose can lead to fracture of the thin bones, thereby causing uncontrollable watering of the eyes and extreme pain.

o Jaw - When you attack the jaw of your attacker, it can lead to dislocation of his jaw, fracture, and paralysis because it is where the facial nerve is located and extreme pressure can lead to facial paralysis.

o Chin - Similar to jaw, severe blow to the chin can result to unconsciousness, paralysis and mild concussion. The jawbone is a sensitive part of the body because it serves as a lever that transmits force to the brain and it is also where the respiratory and cardiac mechanisms of our body are located.

o Throat - One powerful blow to the throat of your attacker can lead to instantaneous death due to the damage to his windpipe.

o Back of the ears and skull's base - These are vital parts of the head because moderate to powerful blow to these areas can lead to unconsciousness, concussion, hemorrhage and death.

o Side of the neck - One sharp blow to this part can cause unconsciousness due to the damage of the vagus nerve, carotid artery and jugular vein.

These are the critical pressure points of a person's body which can be used as self-defense when the need arises.


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